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Love Translated

Love Translated

Love Translated

2010 84 and 60 min


Produced by Interfilm Productions, producer Boris Ivanov

Modern day dating can be a real headache. For men with little experience or those hurt by an ugly divorce, the idea of looking for a wife in a foreign country, known for its solid family values, might seem like a viable solution…

Odessa, Ukraine: full of rich culture, beautiful architecture, pulsating discos, and busloads of

lonely middle-aged Western guys looking to land hot 20-year-old brides. Burned by women back home, guys from Minnesota to Marseilles are heading East - but can they tell the difference between the girl of their dreams and the gold diggers? This seductive documentary follows a dozen delightfully awkward guys through a comedy of cultural misconceptions on a 10-day hunt for true love.

“Far more entertaining than reality TV’s “The Bachelor,” but with its own share of disturbing moments… good-looking, intelligently structured film.” — Alissa Simon, Variety

“Can’t-look-away reality show meets intriguing investigative journalism: Ten bachelors—ranging from sad to despicable—go on a matchmaking tour to Odessa, Ukraine, in an attempt to find wives in just ten days in this fantastic documentary. “—Time Out Chicago

Chicago International Film Festival, Hot Docs, Vancouver (VIFF), Little Rock Film Festival

Variety Magazine review

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